We are the sandwich generations!

 I think all moms who were born in 70’s and 80’s can resonate well with the title. Well, to make it more clearly I can say our parents or in fact, we too had grown in an environment of watching Doordarshan and plenty of outdoor play. That was the time when our parents were totally free from our upbringing.

We were allowed to play any time of the day, irrespective of any security concerns. We often used to have sponsored lunch or dinner from our neighbors.

We had never encountered any infection beside all the time playing in the mud.

We never had sunburns despite the same heat.

We never had that necessity to switch to AC and were happy with room coolers.

Two-minute noodles were nothing lesser than a treat and we never struggled with tooth decay and a fight in between Junk and healthy.

Now the new generation is just opposite. Or the so-called generation gap?

We know our children are the best part of our life. They have plenty of options rather than watching boring Doordarshan where we used to watch one movie in a week. And not leaving aside few filmy songs on Chitrahaar which was our prime time to watch it collectively with all our friends and neighbors. I wish I could bring that time again on TV or a situation where children themselves won’t find anything of their sort and switch it off to some other task. The current situation is sometimes too difficult to digest. Every channel they have songs, movie, 24/7 cartoon and there is absolutely no stoppage. At least when we were young one hour cartoon was enough to entertain on weekends and automatically we had to switch off the TV. After all, no one was interested in watching Krishi Darshan.

We never had any security threat and we were free to play with anyone at anytime but now we have to teach Good touch and bad touch to even a toddler. Yes, it sounds weird but it’s surely a need of an hour for every parent and we just can’t turn our faces with this harsh reality.

Things have moved with leaps and bounds and definitely a challenging too. When our older generation guide us to their own way as they were doing in their time we can’t deny the fact that now the story is entirely different.

Now they don’t play in the mud, outdoor playing is limited and screen time is just unlimited. All got reversed!!

I am sure all moms have a tough time in filling this gap and we are doing hard to fix it.

Still, they fall sick and comparatively more vulnerable to infections. Junk food is another staple food which is difficult to segregate.

Hi-tech gadgets and advanced technology have definitely made our life easy or the other way we are completely hacked by these for all our routine.

Even those things which can be avoided are now difficult to manage on daily basis.

But anyways to fight with every challenge is Mom’s second name and still, she only knows what is better for her children. Mocking to moms or free advises which keep hampering them is just a hindrance and better to avoid such people.

Criticism is always good when you have a constructive solution to it else it’s just like a castor oil which is easy to give but difficult to digest.

Fighting amongst all odds is always the foremost duty of a mother and yes, she can always do it with her love and compassion!!

Let people say their own experiences with so-called ”Humarein Zamane mein” but this Jamana is no lesser than a big challenge that we are taking care of each and everyone with so many difficulties and pride.

So enjoy every moment and spread the positivity!!