Top home remedies to take care of your baby’s skin

Taking care of a newborn is a hard job. Newborn skin is very delicate and needs great care till the baby is older. When a baby is born, there is a thin layer that may peel off with in the first week, we don’t need to rub or wash it harshly. Apart from that, here are some home remedies for baby skin care: -

1. Moisturizing: - baby’s skin needs to moisturize properly and regularly. Their skin is so soft and sensitive that we have to massage it with very soft hands very carefully. Coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil are great options.

2. Cleanliness: - Use a very light cotton cloth for wiping baby skin very softly. We must use very mild baby soap and baby shampoo for cleaning. Massaging baby’s body before the bath is good as all the dirt and other stickiness will peel off with simple rubbing.

3. Bathing: - A newborn needs two to three baths in a week, unless you live in a very warm place. And this bath must be given very carefully to these little munchkins. You need not dip your little beauties in the tub until the umbilical cord falls off. A gentle and soft wipe is enough for babies and wiping off bottom and genitals are necessary on regular basis.

4. Wash and wear clothes: - Keep in mind that always wash new clothes. Wash with gentle and mild baby detergent powder or liquid before wearing. New clothes may harm a baby’s sensitive skin. After one wash, clothes get softer and processing chemicals are removed.