8 things you must do during pregnancy

As moms-to-be, there are so many things we overlook on a daily basis. Yes, people ask us to do them time and again — our families, friends, relatives — but somehow, we end up not doing them. Here are eight things every pregnant woman must do.


A relaxed mind and body helps in conceiving. Sometimes, couples don't realise that they are under stress and their failed attempts to conceive only fuels their stress. Most of the time it's not a biological problem, what you need is a vacation and you never know you might just return with good news! That is what honeymoons are supposed to be for, but if it's too early to plan a baby you can always go for a second honeymoon.

Health check-up

It is advisable to get a health check-up before you conceive. You should be in the best of your health when you are pregnant. Doctors may also advise you to start taking folic acid and prenatal multivitamins months before you start expecting. This will help in preventing the risk of birth defects related to brain and spine.


For a foodie like me, pregnancy was the happiest phase of my life. More because I ate without bothering about gaining weight. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to eat right, avoid junk and eat at intervals. My doctor advised me to chew ginger to curb nausea and it worked. Most of the Indian spices have medicinal qualities and it's fine to have them if you can digest, though my favourite throughout pregnancy was boiled rice and potato.


Water intake definitely has to be increased during pregnancy. One trick to have water all the time is to keep a bottle of water at different corners of the house so that you can grab one when you are too lazy to walk to the kitchen! Also include milk, homemade fruit juice and coconut water in your diet. Avoid alcohol, aerated drinks and caffeinated beverages. Savouring a cup of tea or coffee a day is fine!


I was at my laziest self when I was pregnant. I was either eating or sleeping! Exercise was nowhere in my plans, but thanks to my hubby who forced me, I joined a prenatal yoga class and I loved it. Yoga helped me deal with my body ache. It strengthened my body and prepared me for the upcoming marathon called labour! I felt energised and fresh after an hour of yoga every day. Other forms of exercise that my doctor encouraged me to do were walking, slow cycling and swimming. Even if you don't know how to swim, just spending some time in the water will help you relax a lot.


Getting a sound sleep at night will be difficult, but try to take naps during the day so that you are not stressed out. Meditation and deep breathing also helps in getting a better sleep. As the baby grows in the womb and starts kicking and dancing, trying to sleep will become an unforgettable adventure!


It's always a good idea to read and do your homework for anything that is new to you. The body goes through numerous changes during pregnancy but if you already know about them, you'll not be scared. I registered myself on a few parenting sites and received weekly mails on the development of the baby. Also, if you are familiar with the medical terms related to pregnancy and childbirth you will get a clear picture of what the doctor is trying to say. You can also refer to books, watch childbirth videos and discuss pregnancy with other moms.


Yes! When you are done with all the serious health stuff, get up and grab your camera. Forget about how big you look or how much weight you've gained. Dress up, grab your partner and smile for the camera! The natural mommy glow, the couple's inner happiness and the cute baby bump will all make the picture worth clicking.

Keep yourself happy and enjoy your pregnancy!