New moms, trust your mothering instincts, as I did mine

The moment you see those 2 lines on your pregnancy test kit, life turns around. Happiness and best wishes pour in from all directions and so does advice. Suddenly all old, “experienced” acquaintances turn into a dietitians, yoga instructors, life trainers, psychologists and what not. You are advised to eat everything from green vegetables, fibrous fruits to those ghee laden laddoos. Sometimes I used to wonder if suddenly I have developed a black hole in my belly which could absorb anything and everything.

Even though our culture suggests that ghee is good during pregnancy, I was never. I took not more than 3 tsp of ghee a day and even then I had a healthy baby of 3.5 kgs.

There is an epic to-do list and an even longer one with things you are not supposed to do. The routine is to listen to pious songs, read religious scripts, have happy thoughts, go out for walk, do pranayam and yoga and, to manage the household.

Pheww!!! On the contrary, the mother in me always longed for some was a luxury for me. So whatever time I could pull out after my household work and bare minimum yoga/walk/pranayam (I would never do all three in a day), I would sleep for at least 2-3 hours in the day. That helped me maintain my calm and health throughout.

Post pregnancy while most of us are trying to fight the postpartum depression, your closest family and that bunch of distant aunts are busy advising you about the upbringing of your baby with a patent anecdote that starts with: “ajkal ki ladkiya toh bus……(Today's girls...)” and “Humare zamane mein toh…..(In our day and age)” but my personal experience says that no one knows it better than a mom. Only a mom knows why her kid is cranky, the right set of clothes to keep him warm or cool. What would be the right time for his feed, sleep, studies, recreation..anything and everything.

We should not forget that each kid is different and mother’s instincts are the most sensitive to their kid’s signals. We should try to feel it, believe in it and live it each and every moment.