Money Saving tips for a toddler’s parent

Learnt and adopted tips to save money spent on a toddler :

1. Stop spending too much on toddler's toys.

          Toddlers dont love their toys depending on their price tag. Be intelligent to choose a toy which is reasonable in price as well as enjoyable to the kid. Kids get bored of their toys very soon. So its better to have too many cheaper toys than few expensive ones.Most of the times kids enjoy with day to day things than toys, like dough, pen and paper, grains etc. Identify those and replace them with toys.

2. Stop spending too much on toddlers clothes.

          Kids outgrow in no time. So chances are, a kid may wear a particular expensive dress for max 5 times. Which is not worth it.  So always buy a reasonable price clothes, instead of spending fortune on it.  Have 2-3 good/grand clothes for few occasions, and try repeating the same. Kids are not bothered with repeatation. 

3. Stop spending on junk foods.

          Stop buying Pizzas, Fast Foods, Pastries,Wafers etc. They are not even healthy nor worth the money. Instead encourage them to eat fruits and veggies.

4. Stop spending on Birthday Parties

         Toddlers rarely enjoy their birthday parties. Keep it as simple as possible. Dont spend on unnecessary things.

5. Stop spending too much on preschooling

          More than prefering expensive schools, choose a preschool where your kid will enjoy. Preschooling is mainly for social development, and it has become a must if you are in a nuclear family, where the kid doesnt have too many people to interact with. So choose a school which meets your needs, rather than choosing a school which is branded/high class.

6. Stop spending on expensive trips

        Toddlers cant distinguish between an expensive trip and a simple local trip. They just enjoy the fact that they are out and open to explore newthings. So try and plan short local cheaper trips, than the expensive ones. Kids enjoy themselves in small things, just a trip to a nearby zoo means a lot to them.