What I learnt from losing my child in a mall

Most of us have experienced at least once in our lifetime how distressing it is to take your kids for vaccinations. One day, I was taking my 5 year old boy for his shots all alone. We took the Metro and the exit to the clinic was through a big mall. My child was walking by my side laughing and giggling. In order to ask the exact location of the clinic, unknowingly I took two steps ahead of him. While I ended my conversation with a man and turned back, my child was not around, he had simply vanished.

In utmost panic, I could not take a single step forward or backward. I told the man that my child is missing. He didn't utter a single word and vanished himself. I expressed my concern to a nearby shopkeeper. He told me to go to the security office in the mall and file a complaint. I told him that I missed my child from this place and if I stand here only my child will see me and come to me. He didn't bother to help me even.

I thought that  I would faint with the stress. I couldn't even remember the colour of my child's clothes. I started screaming. I phoned my husband (he was in office). He told me that he is on the way and to calm down. By that time, another man came and asked me why I was crying. I told him the story and he told me that he will come along with me and I started walking with him. 

To my surprise, in a few steps I found my child standing with the security officer. My joy knew no bounds. I didn't know what to tell him. I was speechless. He innocently asked me, "Mamma why did you leave me and go away? I had no answer, I just went on holding him close to me. I asked him what had happened, he told me that security uncle asked his mammas/pappas phone number (which he doesn't know as we had not taught him). Even though  all these things happened within a short span of time, the mixed emotion that flashed in my mind are beyond words.

Thanks to the Lord. I told my boy that god gave him back to me, then to my surprise he corrected, "Mamma, it's not god, it was the security Uncle." This story of mine may not be an unique or positive one, but the lessons that I  learnt are worth sharing:

1) Whenever you are taking your young child all alone, never let go of their hands, hold them firmly especially when you are in a crowded mall

2) Rather than making your child to explore innovative games in your gadgets, teach them your phone number

3) It is worth to write your phone number and band them around your child's wrist when you are taking them out.

4) Teach him his father's/mother's  name and the place he belongs to

5) When your child goes missing, go to the authorities concerned immediately (In the case of shopping mall, security officers can access the CCTV and help find your child.)

6) Act reasonably, not emotionally although it isn't that easy.