How I lost 20 kgs of pregnancy weight in six months with no gym time

How I lost 20kgs of pregnancy weight in six months with no gym time
In case you're wondering, I'm the tall one in both pictures.
I get asked this every time I meet someone new/old. How did you lose all your baby weight? I didn't have a baby in my 20s, I was 31 when I delivered by daughter vaginally (no epidural, ahem-ahem, pat-pat).
Getting straight to it: 

1. I breastfed. Like a lot.

Exclusively breastfed for 6 months - yup! That's a whole other story. While N started solids after six months, I introduced her to formula after she completed nine months. I continued breastfeeding till she was 15-16 months old. So yeah, I breastfed a lot. Definitely helped me shed them kilos. 

2. No dairy diet:

Baby N had some kind of lactose intolerance. While she was okay with my breast milk, me consuming milk didn't suit her. So no dairy. And I was manic about it. I drank soy milk (a lot of it). No cheese, no chocolates, no yogurt. I ate lots of nuts, dates, daal, chicken, fruits! I was nursing and baby N gained the requisite weight, so I must have been doing okay on my food intake. 

3. I walked the baby:

Baby M (Monster, what else) had to be walked to sleep. It took a while (about 5 months or so) for her to fall asleep nursing - those were the best days! I must have walked at least 2-3 hours a day in all. 

4. I stayed away from outside food:

My paediatrician told me that I could eat whatever I wanted as long as it was home cooked. I think not eating restaurant food definitely helped in losing weight as home food always tends to be lighter. 
And that's it! In six months, I had shed 20 kilos (all the postpartum hairfall must have helped in knocking at least one kilogram off). 
Baby N is now two-and-a-half, and I've managed to maintain my weight. I like to remain around 45-46; yup, for all those who are saying that I'm underweight, it's okay as long as I am healthy, energetic etcetera etcetera. You know if you are with a toddler in the house, you're good to go. 
I do struggle, but I find if I go back to basics like cut out dairy from my diet, eat at home 5-6 days a week, it's not too hard to stay light. Of course, weekends are binge days.
Fire away with your questions, if any. I would be happy to help you with diet tips that don't harm your body and affect breastfeeding.