“I only realised that dignity was called ego after getting married. Thanks to my in-laws”

Thanks, ZenCorner, for letting me unleash the thoughts that I've been holding for almost five years now. This happened when I conceived my second baby, which gave my kids only a two-and-a-half year age gap, instead of the ideally accepted three. Still, lots of people have children just two years apart. But people told me to abort my baby because it was too soon. My own mother-in-law's shocking statement was, "I do not want a second child, I am happy with one son." I'm pretty sure her statement wouldn't have been so if my first baby was a girl. Anyway, I thought, who was she to decide how many kids I should have and when I should have them? Isn't it my body, my soul and my child? Oh no no. This was like an awakening to - "Boss, you are born in India."

Anyway, the egoist woman that I am (I only realised that dignity was called ego after getting married. Thanks to my in-laws and their ideal "Yes, Mummy" son, who made me well aware of it). I went ahead with my gut feeling of not killing an innocent life because I did not take the precautions I should have. What happened after that made me leave house and go to my mom's for my delivery. Then, due to the carelessness of the doctors, my baby's brain got damaged and she bacame a child with cerebral palsy.  

This was great for my in-laws. "Yeh iske pichle janam ke karmo ki saza hai (this is the result of her past life Karma). She should have aborted the child." I didn't know that all I needed to do to wipe off my Karma was kill an innocent soul.