Don’t be a super-mom, be a happy mom

Hey Mommies,

Employed in a company or not, I know you are extremely busy, rising early to get the breakfast ready, pack tiffins (or get them packed),  rechecking uniforms, bags, homework and finally sending the kids and husband to office and rushing yourself to office without even a moisturiser. We all sail in the same boat. Weekends are even more hectic. Everyone wants to eat something special and is waiting for mommy to cook something that takes 4-5 hours' kitchen time.

Laundry, grocery, fees, bank, classes, everyone is in line for the attention you couldn't give during the busy week. So basically it's a weekend for everyone else and completion of remaining chores for you. Maybe a few husbands help out with it, but it's only helping out - that too if you are lucky enough. And if you are living with your in-laws then the sun never sets at your home.

So how are we to relax? The answer is simple - every human has equal rights and responsibilities, whether it's the husband, in-laws, kids or wife. Others will understand your need to relax only if you first acknowledge it. Do not make a fancy meal on weekends. If you have to, do it on a Saturday and chill on Sunday with simple meals like khichdi, oats, etc. Do not teach your kids for a day of the week, assign it to your husband or father-in-law, for that one day. It's ok if you do not give milk to your kids in the night once in a while; it's not as though their nutrient levels will plummet. It's ok if you go out with friends and leave your kids and husband at home. 

You deserve the goodness and happiness in your life, but only when you realise it, others will. And trust me, they will learn to start giving you your space, time and understand your needs. Earth does not need Super Moms, it needs Happy Moms.