A lifetime’s gift: 4 essential habits every parent must bestow upon their child

Have a look at the wardrobe of your child! Also take a quick glance at his toys. And do not obliterate the accessories your cuddly star has!

Endearing and amazing! How many things you purchase for the apple of your eye! Undoubtedly, you have been purchasing them even, before your little one came into this world. And, like in my home, we have gifts for every occasion and festival.

But, what is the lifetime of those gifts!

Well, definitely the happiness, the tinkling laughter and the joyous eyes make priceless memories when they receive the gifts, but, something seems amiss. How about to start one good habit with every important day for a year along with one gift!

It would not be easy, but, with perseverance it will make the gift of a lifetime! And just like bad habits, good habits are tedious to trespass by.

And, if you too are interested, here is a list of 4 habits, which I think can be one precious and a pertinent gift for your child:-

1. Hygiene -Personal hygiene has an immense impact on the overall personality of a child. Brushing teeth twice a day, bathing, washing hands before they eat anything. I can hear many parents thinking that “we do take care of all of it”, but making it a habit is different. You telling your child all the time to wash his hands before every meal and him pursuing the same all by himself- the latter is the needful!

2. Independence- well, you can definitely not expect a 5 year old to make his bed or to spread a new bed sheet! But, they can definitely put their pillow in the right place. It might not be possible for them to put their dinner plates or lunch plates, but they can definitely pursue the breakfast or supper plates or even the glass. Yes, it will be messy for the start, but they will learn to be independent. They will learn to do their own work. And, if you have a child of 6 or 7 years old, letting them pack their own bags can be a good start.

3. Reading- this is my favorite of the list. In fact, my little one has a really good collection of books (even more than mine!). As a kindergartener he had pictorial books, and then we started getting him Bruno and Pepper, the moral story books, the short story books and even the small mythological stories. The kids are attracted to the pictorial books easier as a child, then ever. It is a better way to engage them rather than, watching television, playing on mobile or some movie.

4. Manners- even in the present day of technology, smart phones, whatsapp, social media profile and the language used, you cannot ignore the significance of good manners. These are almost indispensable. If, not for the sake of a better future, at least for a better society, you need to cultivate good manners in your child. Saying ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’ and ‘please’ is important. Do not rely on the school to nurture them for good habits. You are their parent. You are their first teacher.

So, make a list and start right away! And do not forget-Perseverance is the key!