6 baby product tips that will save money and keep your baby happy

Diapers, wipes, medicines — having a newborn means the expenses never stop. But with these tips, you can cut down on expenditure using simple ways and things you'll find in your house. And the cherry on top is that you can avoid using store-bought products for your baby's gentle being too. 

- Stoles: I used all my colourful stoles to wrap my baby and keep her warm. I didn't purchase baby wrappers and sleep suites. So, rummage through your closet and use those to wrap your baby instead of costly baby blankets. 

- Reusable diapers: No, I'm not talking about the ones you get in the market, but the ones with a plastic cover and come with an insert (pad). These are ideal for using during the day, and you replace the nappy insert with old towels cut into small pieces.

- Home-made wipes: Instead of purchasing wet wipes, use cotton or old cotton t-shirts. Cut them into small pieces. Make a mixture of liquid soap, dettol and coconut oil. Dip the pieces in this liquid and clean your baby. Once they grow little older, you can use water.

- Sanitiser: Mix baby shampoo, dettol, olive oil and water to make a solution and put it in a spray bottle. Use with homemade wipes for easy clean up.

- Home-made cough syrup: Use nasal drops to ease respiration. But for cough, you can use basil leaves and ginger syrup. It is quite effective for cough.

- Teething: If possible, start with solids as it helps lower the irritation when they chew food. Avoid giving plastic teethers available in the market; instead give your baby a carrot or cucumber to chew on.