5 tips for every mom who wants to be perfect all the time

5 tips for every mom who wants to be perfect all the time

Sounds strange, na? In today's life everyone is running to be the best and I am saying just opposite...but yes ! I mean it! Being a wife and a mother of an infant and a naughty kid, I know sometimes we stretch ourselves so much that it starts hurting.

A woman also needs some pampering...but who is going to do that? We will have to take lead ourselves. What if the dishes are not done, piles of clothes snigger at you or the house is scattered all over with toys? You clean, you wash, you put away, even if you'd set aside the time to watch a movie or go to the parlour. Every time, please don't compromise on your small wishes like a cup of coffee and a romantic novel, a small dose of window shopping or a lazy day out chilling and enjoying. The idea of being imperfect is to be happy basically.

So, moms, here are some things I've learnt about imperfect parenting over the years:

1.Take help gracefully

It's not a crime to take help...helping hands can be of anyone - hubby, kids, relatives....anyone! Don't feel bad, don't be guilty about not having time for everything. You are, after all, doing three other people's work along with you own. At least, your husband can help you out with some household chores, and even the kids can arrange their own school bags etc. But don't expect them to do the work with your perfection. Just be patient and allow them to take their time getting things right.

2. Develop a hobby

A hobby can give you immense pleasure, a sense that you're doing something you like to do, as opposed to something you have to do. It can give you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

3. Ignorance is the best policy

The world is full of idiots. Don't allow any such idiot to spoil your happiness. Ignore! Ignore! And ignore! Someone might try to tell you what your duties are. DON'T TAKE THE BAGGAGE ON YOUR HEAD!  

4. Don't try to please everyone

It's just impossible to please everyone, so why to try such a Herculean task? Sometimes, it's better to let go. If your MIL wants to chat and you badly want to sleep, instead of yawning and trying to keep yourself awake, excuse yourself politely, ask her to watch your kid for a bit and hop off to bed.

5. Learn to say NO

Believe it or not, it's an art! And to be happy, you will have to master this art. If you are not interested in babysitting your neighbours' kids, simply say no! What is the point in cribbing afterwards? Perfection can be a trophy for many, but for me, sometimes being imperfect can be a real moment to cherish. But don't try to incorporate the entire scheme in a go.... slowly slowly merge it into your lifestyle. So all the best...and learn to be imperfect!