5 Fun Memories To Create With Your Kids This Christmas

5 fun memories to create with your family this christmas

“Have a holly jolly Christmas, It’s the best time of the year,” goes a song on the radio. Sometimes, though, with the hustle and the craziness that the season brings, it’s the most stressful time of the year too. Our lists are never ending and it’s impossible get the to-do’s crossed off as the kids are “in the way.”

It may take some tweaking of schedules and changing of plans, but maybe we can reclaim this time of the year and make it the fun family time it's actually supposed to be. Maybe we can actually be thankful that we have kids who get in our way. Maybe it’s time we stepped on the brakes and welcomed those interruptions. Here are some ideas to get us started.

1. Make cards together

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this is still a good time to show thankfulness for the year gone by. All it takes is some chart paper, glitter, stickers and colour pencils. Help your child write a note to a teacher, a grandparent or a neighbour to let them know how much you value them. You make a loved one feel special and you teach your child the lost of art of appreciation.

2. Pick a gift together for an underprivileged child

It’s easy to drop off a donation at a mall or make an online contribution for a good cause, but maybe you can get your kids involved and do something a little more personal. We live in a country where we don’t have to search hard to find a deserving child who is economically disadvantaged. He sits by his mom as she irons clothes in a makeshift cart. They play in the pile of sand at the construction site next to your house. You pass by them almost every day. Give your child a budget and help them pick out a gift. Wrap it up together and watch a child’s eyes light up with heartfelt joy of unexpected blessing.

3. Decorate cookies

Yes, it’s going to be a mess. But that’s where all the newspapers you haven’t had time to read get really handy. Spread some on the table or kitchen counter and let your inner child go all out with sprinkles, gems, frosting and food colouring. Oh, you should really consider involving your kids in the madness, too! If you’re not a baker, fear not. Store bought cookies work just as well for the occasion.

4. Create your own ornament

I have two words for you: salt dough. It’s like play dough that you can make at home. All it takes is salt, flour, water and a cookie cutter or two. Choose from one of the 3.4 million salt dough recipes online, mix your ingredients, shape your ornament (make sure you poke a hole through them before they dry) and hang up your star (or your blob, if like me your artistic skills are rusty) on your tree or your window grill.

5. Switch up milk with hot chocolate

Okay, this is one super easy memory-maker. Shock your young 'uns after school one evening. Instead of boring old milk, let there be Santa’s favorite beverage: hot chocolate. I know moms don’t really need to win brownie points and our kids love us anyway, but once in while it feels good to be the fun parent.

And if you’re having a blast doing it, then why not? Have a holly jolly Christmas!