10 things a non-breastfeeding mom would like to say to you

non-breastfeeding mother

1. Please stop judging me. I'm already going through a lot of stress, guilt and depression. Please don't add to it.

2. If I could breastfeed, I would have. I have my own limitations. Please understand that.

3. Breastfeeding or not, we are still moms. Don't make us feel that we don't deserve to be a mom.

4. We can't keep our kids hungry, so we need to make tough choices and give them formulas. It's better than letting them starve.

5. Stop checking our breasts and squeezing them to make them lactate. It doesn't work that way. If we had milk, it would show.

6. Stop telling us that non-breastfed kids have low immunity. I have seen kids who were exclusively breastfed and still have low immunity.  Please stop scaring us.

7. Allow us to enjoy the initial motherhood days. Don't spoil it with your unwanted comments.

8. Lactation is a natural process, we don't have control over it. Try and understand that. Blaming a mother for not lactating is the same as blaming her for not conceiving.

9. If my kid is less attached to me, or if it doesn't sleep easily, or if it doesn't soothe easily, don't blame that on non-breastfeeding. There are many kids who are breastfed and still behave the same. 

10. Stop finding reasons for why I didn't lactate. It will not help anyway.

Finally, live and let live!