The new Vicks ad about this real-life mother is making everyone cry

Who’s a mother? Is it the woman who endures the bone-breaking pain of labour to bring a child into this world? Or is it the woman who is working a job but still finds time to come home and cook her children a hot meal? Or maybe it’s the woman who decided to give an orphan a home by adopting her. Would it be correct to say then that any woman who cares for a child like she’s the most precious thing in the world is a mother? Yes, it would.

Vicks’s new ad, which shows 35-year-old Gauri Sawant, a transgender woman, raising her adoptive daughter Gayatri, underlines exactly that. Gauri may not have birthed Gayatri, but she’s a mother in every sense of the word. Maybe the world doesn’t even consider her a “woman”, but it doesn’t matter because it’s not what she looks like that makes her a mother, but what she does. She oils her daughter’s hair every Sunday, cooks her favourite meals, and holds her hand when watching a horror film. If that’s not what being a mum is all about, what is?

Watch the ad here but keep a box of tissues handy.