Sometimes fathers need their daughters too! Ps: Watch till the end for a surprise!

Sunday was Father’s day. The internet was breaking with messages from celebrities who had the sweetest things to say about their dads. Many of us posted our favourite moments with the hero of our childhood too.

Yet, by far, the best thing to watch on Sunday (including the god-awful India Pakistan CT finals) was this emotional video by a star who is admired for all the right reasons.

The video has moved many to tears for the simple reason that it is true. It is a heartfelt tale of a father who delights in being a dad to two wonderful daughters – Girls who have stood by his side in times of despair and anxiety. It reinforces the beautiful bond between a Father and daughter.

Directed by Ashish Sawhny, the video is a part of the campaign `Bus Ab Bahut Hogaya Enough is Enough’ by Population Foundation of India (PFI), Farhan Akhtar’s social campaign MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination) and Feroz Abbas Khan.