Trying to conceive getting you down? Here are some fun things to do

1. Go on -- scream for ice cream: Skim milk may help you stay trim but it won't necessarily help you make a baby any faster. One large study found that the consumption of low-fat dairy led to reduced fertility compared with the consumption of full-fat versions. So go ahead and splurge on that full-fat scoop of salted caramel every once in a while. Your reproductive system will thank you.

2. Sip a bit of vino: Oenophiles, rejoice! Some studies suggest that people who drink a small amount of wine, roughly one glass a day, had a shortened time to conception. Researchers are not yet sure if a beer or a cocktail has the same effects, but you can safely enjoy a tipple of either one now and then. Just bear in mind that consuming more than two glasses of any type of alcohol per day has been linked to a delay in conception.

3. Give yourself a rubdown: It can increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, possibly improving your fertility. Try this method to stimulate your reproductive organs in the four days before ovulation until the day you ovulate: Place your hands on your pubic bone, apply gentle pressure, and make small circles on your lower abdomen, going down and outward for 10 seconds. Rest for a moment, then repeat for up to two minutes.

4. Make time to connect with your spouse outside of baby-making sex: Having intercourse with your partner once per month that is totally unrelated to getting pregnant is great for your relationship. The more spontaneous it is, the better. You'll both feel less pressure to perform and actually enjoy each other's company.

5. Get your Ds: Vitamin D is essential to good reproductive function in both women and men. But getting it solely from supplements is so... blah. A recent review of studies on vitamin D found that exposure to the sun is linked to healthy levels of testosterone in both sexes, plus good sperm quality in guys. As little as one hour per day can be beneficial.

6. Treat yourself: Don’t blame yourself for “failing,” because you’re not! Take a holiday before you think you might want to get pregnant. Take a weekend trip. Buy something nice you’ve wanted for a while. Do the things you enjoy.

7. Laugh, a lot!: In one study in Israel, IVF patients who were exposed to medical clowns (stay with me here) right after embryo implantation had a better chance of getting pregnant than those who weren't. (The clowns were people trained to perform jokes and magic tricks shortly after medical procedures. So, yeah, it's a real thing.) But lightening the mood could theoretically help you conceive. Try watching your favorite funny movies before getting busy. Or pop a hilarious song from middle school in your sexy time playlist to crack your partner up in bed. After all, you know what they say about laughter being the best medicine...