7 easy ways to discover you are pregnant before buying your pregnancy kit!

बिना जाँच के प्रेगनेंसी का पता करने का आसान तरीका | Bina janch ke pregnancy ka pata karne ka aasan tarika

Pregnancy kits cost a lot. If you are wasting your money buying them and checking yourself every month, here’s a simple solution.

Listen to your body. Our body gives out subtle signs that you can easily identify. Here’s a list of things that you should watch out for.

Mood swings:

Mood swings are the first hints that you have a small someone growing inside your belly. The swings are usually brought on by the hormonal changes that occur naturally in every woman’s body during pregnancy. It’s difficult to generalize as every woman experiences this in different ways. Some grow silent and moody, others might feel that that temper flies a little too easily. What’s your sign?

Food smells and nausea:

Have you noticed a new found nausea for fried foods? Every time you put a tadka do you feel like you are going to puke? This could be a subtle sign too. Many women complain that things they ate every day like coffee and sandwiches are making them want to throw up.

Frequent urination:

Do you notice that you are going to the loo once too often? Are you feeling fullness in your bladder every other hour? This could also be a sign that you are carrying someone special. Pregnancy hormones are the reason why this happens. The hormonal changes make your bladder fill up faster than normal.

Tired and exhausted:

One of the earliest signs that you may be pregnant is unexplained tiredness. The reason we feel tired is because of the increase in the hormone progestin during pregnancy. One of the side effects of this hormone is that it causes mild sleeplessness. This is the reason you feel tired all day – because you cannot rest well at night!

Breast pain:

This is another classic sign. Breasts either hurt or become extremely sensitive to touch during the first few weeks of pregnancy. Yet again, it’s the hormones that are to blame. The good news is that they will settle down after your first trimester. So hang in there women!

Body temperature goes up!

When you are pregnant, it is common to experience an elevation in body temperature. The reason this happens is because of a chain of changes that your body experiences silently.

No periods

This is the most common and first signs of pregnancy. It’s only after you miss your first period that you head to the pharmacy for your home pregnancy kit. If your period cycles are usually regular and you’ve skipped them by more than five days, you may be pregnant.

If you are showing any or many of these signs you should go ahead and buy your home pregnancy kit. The kit has a tiny strip on which you have to place a drop of your urine. Now wait for five minutes. Read the instructions on the box to understand what your result says. In case it is positive (big congratulations on behalf of our team at Zenparent) we suggest you head to you gynaecologist quickly. They will guide you best!

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