6 sex mistakes you are probably making while trying for a baby

If you and your partner have started trying to get pregnant, chances are that the doctor has told you about how you have to start having sex during certain times of the month when you are ovulating. Which is absolutely fine. However, there are some very interesting myths around baby-making sex that couples almost always fall for. Here are four of them:

The more often you do it, the better your chances of getting pregnant

As much as men would love to have sex all the time, the frequency of sex doesn’t affect your chances. What matters is when you have sex. In fact, every other day is a good way to go because it gives the guy a chance to recharge his sperm count.

Early morning sex gives you a better chance of pregnancy

Yes, studies have shown that sperm count tends to be higher in the morning, but the difference between night and day is really less, so it won’t make a significant difference if you have sex at night instead.

Missionary impossible

Think missionary is the best position to have a child? Not necessary. Although most doctors might suggest it because it makes it easier for the sperm to travel upwards, you can get pregnant by having sex in any position. What does impede baby making is douching (washing your vagina with water and vinegar solution) which alters the pH balance of your vagina, which the sperm needs in order to survive.

Wearing tight undies can harm sperm

It’s not the “tightness” of his tidy whities that affects his sperm count, ladies. It’s heat - so things like prolonged hot showers and sitting with a laptop in his lap, which can increase the temperature down there is what can bring the sperm count down.

You only have a baby if you have an orgasm

If that were true, only a handful of women would ever have a baby. Come on! You can get pregnant regardless of whether you climax or not. Of course, if you do have an orgasm, that’s the cherry on top, but is it required to make a baby? Nope.

After sex, putting your legs up so that “sperm can travel to the uterus”

Or laying flat on the bed...not true.