Where the Wild Things Are

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where the wild things are is a good read for kids- Book Reviews by ZenParent

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak is a book that needs no introduction, especially after selling 19 million copies across the world! It is proof of the book’s immense power that a full length feature film was made based on the book – which has all of just 338 words.

The book’s protagonist is a boy named Max, who dresses up in his wolf costume and runs wild through his house. As expected, his mother sends him to his room without any supper. Max is angry, but to his surprise, he finds that his room has turned into a jungle!! There’s also a private boat for him, to take him across the seas and beyond. He reaches a land where he is greeted by ferocious beasts. What is Max going to do by himself? Will he ever get back home? Don’t look at us for the answers, we’re not saying!!

This is, first and foremost, a picture book. It’s a large-ish size, about 10 inches long and more than 9 inches wide, with 48 pages. Yet, it has very little text per page, with several pages featuring only pictures. The illustrations, done by Maurice Sendak himself, are certainly the USP of the book, and add a good deal of value to the story. The words are easy for even a toddler to understand though we wouldn’t recommend it for early self reading.

It is hard to box this book into any age group; it is the kind of book that grows with you. Toddlers will enjoy the pictures and short story; preschoolers will find the beasts’ antics funny. Older children will be able to understand the concept of using your imagination to cope with emotions like anger. There are a lot of topics that are touched upon in the book, like a parent’s unconditional love, the comfort of returning to your roots, and the fact that it can get lonely in a position of power.

This is not just a recommended book, it is a must have! Read it to your child right from a young age, and you’ll marvel at how differently he interprets the book as he grows older. So don’t hesitate, buy one from here right away!!