Big Bang Theory

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Big Bang Theory for teens- TV Show reviews by ZenParent

TV today pervades our lives like never before. The availability of channels to watch 24 hours a day has made many of us TV junkies and it has also become one more thing that parents need to monitor constantly. The fact that we don’t have any rating in India for TV shows makes it much more difficult to understand the type of content our children are watching.

While it is easy when children are younger and want to watch only cartoon network and Disney channel, it becomes more difficult when they are in the pre-teen/teen age and they want to watch older teen/adult shows. Especially if you have an older child who is ready to watch these shows and a younger one who wants to watch it just because his older sibling is watching it!

For the first ever time in India, we present to you TV show reviews from an Indian parent’s perspective!


Theme: This is a fun comedy series about 4 geeky scientists and a girl who moves to California to be an actress.

Violence: There is absolutely no violence at all, except when you might pull a muscle because you are laughing so hard.

Sex: Penny, the main female lead, dresses sexy sometimes and there are references to sex in the dialogues occasionally. There are also a few scenes of adults in bed every now and then (no nudity).

Profanity: The language is almost clean. Sheldon, the most popular character of this sitcom, has a language which will actually boost the vocabulary of your child! But, jokes aside, there ARE occasional references to words like boobs, sex, etc. Sexual innuendo is present and a sprinkling of double entendre in some dialogues.

Drinking/Smoking/Drugs: If your children are exposed to seeing adults drink, then there is really nothing out of the ordinary in this series. Drinking is occasionally portrayed in scenes of bars/ parties etc. However there is no display of smoking or drugs.

Our Opinion:

This show is an intelligent comedy show. It is not just slap stick comedy or a romantic comedy like ‘Friends’. The dialogues are very cleverly written and some of Sheldon’s lines are pure genius. The show has won 45 awards overall and been nominated 137 times. We think this show might be appropriate for Ages 14 and above.