Top 15 animated movies for kids below 6 years

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Who minds watching a fun-filled, animated flick? And movies with bubbly characters and an entertaining story surely keep the children glued to these. Here’s a list of 15 most-favourite animated movies among little ones aged between 3-6 years.

1. Frozen

Comedy, Adventure, Drama

A story about two sisters, where one girl is trying to save her kingdom from being trapped in heavy snow because of the other sister’s spell- this movie is the latest animated flick that every kid loves. The snowman and the cute reindeer are the most adored characters.

frozen movie

2. The Lion King 1, 2

Adventure, drama

Little Simba is tricked into believing that he caused his dear dad, Mufasa to death. In fear and guilt Simba flees the jungle and gives up his destiny to rule the jungle. How does he come in terms with the reality is the essence of the story.

lion king

3. Aladdin

Adventure, comedy

A street urchin is madly in love with a beautiful princess. How Aladdin uses the genie’s magic power to marry his love; this question follows a roller coaster of events that your kids will be thrilled to discover.

aladdin final

4. The Little Mermaid

Adventure, drama

A movie that we too must have seen in our childhood days; this one is still loved and watched by the kids these days. Let your little one see how a mermaid fulfills her desire to get away from her life in the ocean to experience how humans live on land in this animated romp by Walt Disney.

little mermaid

5. Finding Nemo

Adventure, Drama

A loving story about a father clown fish and his son- Nemo and how he sets a journey across the ocean just to rescue Nemo from his captivity in an aquarium; this movie is a must-watch for kids to understand the true worth of having a family.


6. Madagascar 1,2, 3

Comedy, Adventure

This is a story about the life of an urban jungle that Alex-the lion wants to experience along with his best friends, Marty- the zebra, Melman- the giraffe and Gloria- the hippo, by escaping from New York’s Central Park Zoo where all of them put up a show for the public to admire their beauty. How they set themselves free and fulfill their desires is something worth watching.

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7. Ice Age 1, 2, 3, 4

Comedy, Adventure, Drama

Why not let your kids delve in the fantasy worlds of those animals that once lived on our planet before the Ice age? A series about how some fictional mammals consisting Manny- the woolly mammoth, Sid- the Ground sloth, Diego- the saber-tooth cat, and various funny characters migrate from cold lands to warmer homes.; this plot has been set out in 4 different popular movies for kids.

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8. The Incredibles 1, 2

Adventure, Family, Comedy

It’s a story about a married duo of superheroes and their kids with superpowers. How they combat and save their city from the villainous attacks from the bad guys is something that the kids will love to explore.

Incredibles for kids- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

9. The Jungle Book 1, 2

Adventure, drama

A boy is raised in a jungle by a pack of wolves. Inspired from the famous book- Mowgli by Rudyard Kipling, this movie is a classic adored by all children.

jungle book for kids- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

10. Toy Story 1, 2, 3

Adventure, Comedy

A world made out of toys kept in a human’s bedroom, where Woody and Buzz are the heroes deal with everyday problems and troubles that their friends face. How the troublesome times turn into happy endings is something that the kids will love to figure out.

Toy story for kids- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

11. Shrek 1, 2

Comedy, Adventure

How an ogre named Shrek actually becomes the hero of the general people in a kingdom, despite his monster-like looks and how the princess is rescued by him from the evils of Lord Farquaad is something worth watching. The kids will also understand that one should not judge one’s characters based on his/ her looks.

Shrek for kids- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

12. How to train your dragon 1, 2

Adventure, Drama

It’s a story about a misfit boy in a kingdom where fighting dragons is a way of life. One of the most favourite movies among kids; it’s worth finding out how he changes everyone’s perception towards dragons by befriending the most talked about dragon- “Toothless”.

how to train your dragon- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

13. Up

Comedy, Drama

A 78-year old widower decides to fly his home away to his wife’s dream destination by tying it with zillions of balloons . How a scout kid accidentally ends up flying with him and how they meet a talking dog on their way is a fun-ride that your children will enjoy watching.

movie up for kids- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

14. Happy Feet 1, 2

Drama, Adventure

It’s a story about a baby penguin who sets a new uproar in his community that penguins can dance and it is not an unwanted flaw but a quality. How this very quality helps his community reach out to the humans to save his habitat from getting destroyed is something worth exploring.

Happy feet for kids- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

15. 101 Dalmatians 1, 2

Drama, Comedy, Adventure

It’s a fun story about a couple with 101 Dalmatian puppies and how they save themselves from being kidnapped by a vamp who wishes to use their fur to make a dream coat she urges to own. It’s the dogs with individualistic expressions and traits that your kids will love watching.

dalmation for kids- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

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Which ones have your kids missed?