The Penderwicks Series

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The Penderwicks series - Book reviews by ZenParent

The Penderwicks series is an emotional, roller-coaster ride filled with fun, laughter and teary-eyes. The series is about how a set of siblings grow up together and bond over time. The books portray childhood and adolescence beautifully.

Woven around the heartwarming moments in the lives of four sisters (responsible Rosalind, soccer enthusiast Skye, aspiring novelist Jane and animal lover Batty)- the series narrates the adventures and mishaps that the girls(ages ranging from 4-14) face while thriving to reach their dreams.

The first book in the series is an US National Book Award winner, “A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy”. It’s about the sisters spending their summertime in a beautiful estate; where the owner’s son becomes a close companion to the girls. Amidst all the games and adventures, the sisters try to save the boy from being sent to military school.

There are references to kissing and having a crush but this is done in a subtle way suitable for tweens.

“Penderwicks on Gardam Street”, the second book, is set at the sisters’ home and revolves around their father who is a widower. Disaster forays when their father’s sister suggests him to remarry. How the children cope up with this situation is what this book deals with.

In the third book, “The Penderwicks at Point Mouette”, the eldest sister Rosalind decides to go on a beach holiday leaving Skye responsible for the younger two. As the story takes you between laughs and tears, Skye manages Batty’s explosion and Jane’s love survey.

The penultimate book in the series, “The Penderwicks in Spring” deals with one of the sisters Batty who discovers an interest in singing. The story takes a twist when Batty is made to believe that it was she, who was responsible for their mother’s loss. The repercussions of this, forms the climax of the story.

Once your child has finished reading these 4 books, she won’t be able to wait for the final book in the series!