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The Middle

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The Middle show for kids- TV Show reviews by ZenParent

Theme: This is a fun comedy series, about a middle class family with three children living in suburban Indiana in USA. It is about typical middle class problems, and parenting issues.

Violence: Since this is a family sitcom there is no violence, unless you count Frankie’s yelling as violence 🙂

Sex: No nudity. There are very subtle references to sex here and there. Young children may not even get it. Nothing that you don’t see in most Hindi movies today.

Language: The language is almost clean. You might here a swear word here and there, but nothing that a 12 year old hasn’t heard before. Nothing to cringe about.

Drinking/Smoking/Drugs: The parents grab a beer every now and then to relax . No smoking/drugs.

Our Opinion:

This show is a really funny family comedy series to watch together as a family. You do have the usual themes found in many American sitcoms, like dating, boyfriend problems etc. It is laugh-out-loud funny at how dysfunctional the family is, at times! It has fairly clean and simple story lines. We recommend this for ages 12 and above.

Published On  April 1, 2015 By