The Ice Age

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ice age- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

Imagine a mammoth, a tiger and a sloth coming together as friends to return a human baby back to his father. Unbelievable as it may sound but this is what director Chris Wedge does in the movie, The Ice Age.

How he does make it appear conceivable is that he places this whole story, millions of years ago during the ice age when probably what we reason today and how we function does not apply. The story begins with a migration of all animals towards the south to save themselves from the cold ice wave that seems to be sweeping the entire continent. Mandy the mammoth (voiced by Ray Romano) is the recluse who tries to cope up with the tragic loss of his family by staying away from the crowd. Sid, the sloth (voiced by John Leguizamo) is the rejected one who eventually always finds himself abandoned by family and friends but is somehow oblivious of his irritating nature that drives people away. And then there is Diego, the tiger (voiced by Dennis Leary) who has been instructed by his herd chief to bring back a human baby as breakfast or not come back at all. Fate brings them all together with the human baby and they decide to return the baby to his father. The movie depicts how they endure the impossible journey filled with many challenges with each one evolving and learning the life lessons intended for them. Mandy learns to love again, Sid finally finds friends who he knows shall not abandon him and learns to be more aware of his faults in order to co -exist and Diego realises he has another compassionate and humane side to himself he thought he never possessed other than scavenging. It is heart-warming to see them struggle trying to manage & soothe the baby with their own little experience and understanding.

The movie ends on a very emotional note when the trio reunite the baby with his father and discover a lifelong friend in each one of them never to part again.

ZenParent Says- A wonderful story with exceptional animation and music make this movie an all-time favourite and with its sequels released, the fun promises to continue…

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