The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games series for teens- Book reviews by ZenParent

‘The Hunger Games’ is an adventure trilogy of three books – The Hunger games, Catching Fire and Mocking Jay  by American television writer and novelist Suzanne Collins.

Premise :  The book is set in the imaginary world of Panem in a bleak, post-war (dystopia) kind of scenario, where 24 teenagers are pitted against each other in a cruel battle of elimination.  Each one tries to kill the other and there can be only one victor .

Violence : The series is quite dark and violent, and can be a bit disturbing for some children. The children use primitive weapons like bow and arrow, poison, knives, fire etc to kill each other.

Sex : There is a mild romance woven through the novels. Nothing graphic or  sexual.

Reasons for success : The Hunger games is like the proverbial train wreck that you cannot look away from. It is gory, violent and dark and yet manages to hold the reader enthralled in its gruesome tale. The language is simple and easy to read.  There is shock value and a “reality TV” kind of a setting which is what seems to be the popular genre of the moment.

Acclaim: The book has beaten records previously held by the Harry Potter series in book sales. It has been made into a movie series as well. The final movie installment, Mocking Jay Part 2, is due for release this year.

This book is recommended only for Ages 12 and up.  If you’re looking for an easy-to-read book for your teen, then this book is a fair option.