The Harry Potter Series

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Harry Potter - Book Reviews by ZenParent

The Harry Potter Series is one of the most successful series of books to be published in the last couple of decades.  The author JK Rowling, who lived on welfare while writing her first book, went on to become the wealthiest lady after the queen of England!

Premise:  The book is set in the world of Magic and witchcraft. Harry Potter is a 11 year old who finds out that he is born a wizard. He has to go to a school for learning magic. His life during those 7 years at Hogwarts, the school for witchcraft and wizardry, is what the series is about.

Violence: The series starts off quite benign but progressively does get a little dark as it expands into more serious storylines. Several key characters also die in each of the books. However the violence is not too graphic.

Reasons for success: The Harry Potter series captured the imagination of audiences like a book hadn’t in a very long time. It transports everyone, children and adults alike into a magical world of possibilities. The play on words and the elaborately woven stories are a delight to read and it seems as if the more number of times you read the book, you more depth you uncover in what the author is trying to say and the clever ways in which she has come up with names.

Acclaim: The book series has been made into an entire movie series as well. There are fan clubs, associations, contests and it has acquired quite the “cult” status. There is even a Harry Potter World at Universal, Florida.

This book series is recommended for Ages 8 and up. The first book is an easy start for young readers. From the 3rd one in the series, it is more suitable for ages 10 and up. 11 year olds are completely comfortable with the entire series.