The Fault in our Stars

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Fault in our stars for Teens- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

“The fault in our stars” is a 2014 movie directed by Josh Boone. Based on the #1 Bestselling novel by John Green of the same name, the movie’s plot holds a romantic cum dramatic depiction from the book. If you have not read the book, then it might be a great idea to read the book first.

Story: The fault in our stars is a love story which is emotionally intense. This story is about a teenage couple who are in love. What makes it different is that they are both terminally ill, cancer patients.  The 16-year old girl is forced to go to a support group for cancer patients by her parents. This is where she meets a boy who is 18 and has beaten cancer before. And it is then when she falls in love with him. The movie does a brilliant job of portraying how this mature teen couple handle love and death in their lives.

Acclaim: The film was a box office hit and the lead actors received a lot of recognition. It has also been praised for being true to the book in every way.  A few liberties have been taken in the movie, but none that take away from the appeal of the book.

Minus: The movie has a love scene involving slight nudity. It may be inappropriate for younger teens. There is also some profanity like the ‘F’ word, etc., used in the movie.

The fault in our stars deals with a mature subject and makes for worthy watch with your older teen (15+). Scintillating performances by the lead pair make this movie quite engaging. A gut wrench that highlights the fragility of life – it is one of those poignant movies which despite having a tragic theme, makes you want to watch it all over again!