The Care and Keeping of You – the body book for younger girls

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The Care and Keeping of You – the body book for younger girls by Valorie Lee Schaefer & Cara Natterson and illustrated by  Josee Masse is a book about basics of body care for young girls.

Today, our children are bombarded with images and information from different directions- TV, friends, movies, bill boards etc and it can be confusing for a pre-teen. Getting the right information from the right source is important and who better to give them that information than parents. But some of these conversations are tricky for many of us and this book aims to break it down, matter of fact in an easy reading format for parents and daughters to have this conversation.

Beginning with body basics, the book talks about puberty, hygiene, the importance of exercise and even body image and self esteem. It is a fairly comprehensive guide to all things a young girl needs to know about being a woman including how to measure yourself correctly for a bra fitment, how to eat healthy, how to snack smartly etc. It even talks about shaving etc which a lot of young girls today are curious about since they do not like body hair on them and are very conscious about it from as early as 10 years of age.

Written in simple English with ample illustrations to keep children interested, the book gives all information without being preachy. With girls as young as 10 years of age attaining puberty today, this book is a MUST READ for every little girl who will be a woman in the blink of an eye.  Recommended for ages 9 and up.

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