The Breakfast Club

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the breakfast club film- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

The Breakfast Club is a 1985 film directed by John Hughes. Hughes is very popular for his teen movies and comedy movies and of course there is almost nobody who has not heard of the famous “Home Alone” movies.

Story:  The story is about five teenagers who have all received detention for breaking various rules in high school. They have all been asked to come on one Saturday to school to serve out the detention. The Principal leaves the five students with diverse personalities (the nerd, the athlete, the beauty, the loner and the rebel) alone for eight hours and what transpires between them during that time is the crux of the story.

The movie does deal with strong topics like suicide, depression, parental abuse etc. Characters are portrayed smoking, using strong language (swear words), discussing having sex and using drugs, and converse about all these issues openly in the movie.

ZenParent Says: This movie is considered an iconic teen movie of the 80’s. It is a portrayal of typical teenage issues and how they seem trivial in hindsight when one is an adult, but seem overwhelming and larger than life when one is a teen.

The Breakfast club is one of the all time classic teen movies and is an interesting watch with your older teenager (15/16+). It conveys that no matter how people may seem on the outside, inside they all have their insecurities and problems to overcome and nobody’s life is perfect. Put it on your “to watch” list!

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