The Amazing Machines series by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker

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amazing machines series- Book Reviews by ZenParent

Is your child crazy about vehicles like mine is? Then, these ‘Amazing Machines’ books are sure to please. With bright, bold illustrations and wacky animal characters, they’re designed to be catchy and attractive that capture the imagination of young children.

Why are these books unique? These books aren’t text-heavy, are very easy to read, often with rhyming words and sounds and are a treat to your pint sized wonder. The last page includes a chockfull of useful information concerning the parts of the vehicle, their uses and other titbits of information.

With enough books in the series to please kids with even the smallest attention span, the only danger you’re facing with these books is the number of times you’ll be reading them!

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Image resource: © Jaya Parasuraman