Team Umizoomi

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umizoomi tv show for kids- TV Show Reviews by ZenParent

If you are looking at giving your pre-schoolers some TV time, but are unsure what show would be good for them, then think no further. Team Umizoomi on Nick Jr is highly educative while being entertaining too. The show lasts only 20 minutes, just enough screen time you would like to give your little one for a brief interlude.

Theme: An American Animated Series, this show teaches preschool math concepts. The show is about Mili, Geo and their friendly robot-Bot, using their ‘Mighty Math Powers’ to solve everyday problems of children in UmiCity reaching out to them. ‘Bot’s BellyBelly Screen’ shows Team Umizoomi resolving many tiny problems encountered by children in UmiCity. Mili has pattern powers that can solve these problems and is a measurement expert too, while Geo uses simple shapes to build.

Filled with inspiring talk and peppy songs, the show will only arouse love for Math in your little child.

ZenParent’s Opinion: Certainly a good choice for parents of young children, as the kids get to watch a lively, energetic show, while also learning their concepts of Math!

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