Spicetoons- Introducing Virtual Pets for kids

Anyone who’s ever had a pet will tell you how much they love animals. For most families, even a seemingly innocuous pet like a fish is a subject of boundless affection. More interactive animals like a dog, or a hamster even, are treated like family. There is evidence to show that children who’ve had the opportunity to care for and grow up around animals grow up to be excellent individuals with tonnes of patience and empathy.

Keeping this in mind, Spicetoons- a multi-player online game has introduced a concept of “Virtual Pets” in its online world. Knowing that pets help children learn values such as nurturing another being, being genuinely concerned for fellow living beings and being accommodating of another member in the family; these life skills go a long way in shaping them up to be adults who understand people and relationships better.

LET’s see the benefits of pets and supporting Spicetoons‘ Pets as a new feature release in their virtual, multi-player learning platform.

Not just this, these pets will not only accompany children while they’re accessing the virtual world throughout; they will also give children, a sense of having a constant companion in their lives, who doesn’t judge them for anything; which is, thereby, a great way of boosting the self confidence of a child, however shy or introverted he/ she may be.

Who knew that certain studies claim that having a pet makes children do better at school! Yes, you read that right. There is more than one explanation as to why this happens. First off, kids get the opportunity to read to the pet, making them more interested in reading in general. The second reason goes back to point number one- they have an animal at home that loves them unconditionally, without expectation and without judgement. This, in itself, is a great stress buster and an immense source of encouragement.

Deciding to bring a pet home is not one to be taken without due thought. Since many families face this challenge of not being able to look after a pet at home, Spicetoons thought of adding this adorable new member that kids will absolutely adore!

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