Enid Blyton Special

Special series for kids- Book reviews by ZenParent

Enid Blyton has been a beloved author for Children’s books for as long as most of us can remember. Her books have been our first flight into fantasy. A world of enchantment waiting for us at every turn of the page. Long before the days of endless TV channels and 24 hour programming it was her books that kept us fascinated , enthralled and engaged. Even today, Enid Blyton remains one of the top ten popular and bestselling authors in Children’s books. Here is a quick age wise guide to the brilliant authors books 3 to 5 years The Noddy series and the Wishing Chair series are the most popular in this age category. The Noddy series is about  the adventures of a wooden boy in Toyland who drives a taxi. The Wishing chair series is a series of 3 books which are about the adventures that two siblings have with a flying chair that sprouts wings and takes them on adventures. Both these series are delightful for the little ones. The big noddy bookAdventure of the Wishing chair 6 to 9 years The Five Find-outers and Dog series is a mystery series of 15 books which is about a bunch of children solving mysteries in the village of Peterswood. This is a great series for introducing your child to the mystery genre. The Mistletoe Farm Series is a two books series is a story of adjustment of cousins who are suddenly forced to live with each other. It is about family relationships and bonding. The Magic Faraway Tree Series  is your child’s passport into fantasy land . It is all about magical creatures and a delight for your little one’s imaginations. The Galliano’s Circus Series is a set of three books about life in the circus. These days, many children have never seen a circus. This is a great series about the happenings inside a circus. The Secret Series is a series of five books about the adventures of four children who run away to a secret island and build a life there. It gives children a perspective on how it is to be a grown up and live on your own ! The Adventure Series is a series of eight books in which four children set about solving mysteries and having great adventures while they are at it. The Mystery of the holly laneSix Cousins at the mistletoe farmThe magic faraway treeMr.Galliano's CircusThe Secret IslandThe Ship of adventure 10 to 12 years The Secret Seven Series is a set of 14 books . It is about a group of school going children who form a secret society and have many adventures. The dynamics between the children is fascinating in these books and a terrific read for children. The Malory Towers Series and The St Clare’s Series made many of us want to go to boarding schools much like the desire to go to Hogwarts today ! Each is a set of 6 books that gives children a peek into life at a boarding school and all its ups and downs. The secret seven adventure First term malory towers St Clare's The middle years Image source: hubpages.com , enidblytonsociety.co.uk