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Sofia the First

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Sofia the first for little ones- TV Show Reviews by ZenParent

Sofia the First is an American animated show that airs on weekdays on Disney Junior. Young girls and adorable tales is what this show is all about. Thrown in along with the cute voices and characters are great morals and valuable lessons for the kids to experience a good learning.

Theme: Sofia, an ordinary country girl becomes a princess overnight after her mother marries the king. This new charming princess is sweet, friendly, kind and adventurous, while being very very wise. She has all the traits that every mother would want her childrento be inspired by.

Violence: Stories in the show are completely free from violence and totally inclined towards positive values for the little ones.

Language: The language is easy and simple to understand by the kids.

ZenParent’s Opinion: All girls dream of being a fairy tale princess living in a fairy tale land. Let your girl be delighted with this show, which the little boys can also equally enjoy, as the show offers a lot to learn and imbibe.

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