Simple Abundance

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simple abundance- Book Reviews by ZenParent

Simple abundance by Sarrah Ban Breathnach as the name suggests seeks to remind all its readers irrespective of their age groups about the simple day to day pleasures of living. The book has 365 pages. One page for each day with an essay, speaking of the little happy moments, blessings and love around us all that we  usually tend to overlook and concentrate only on the challenges.

A typical day in the life of every parent is brimming with the usual chores that offer little in terms of excitement and mental stimulation over a period of time. These 365 essays help discover the epiphanies buried under the layers of house cleaning, grocery shopping, homework, cooking, fevers, tantrums, and mood swings. The author has laced all the essays with 6 essences of lingering happiness, namely gratitude, simplicity, organisation, harmony, joy and beauty. And each page is peppered with some very inspirational and heart-warming quotes that makes us never want to skip a single page that feels more like a loving elderly person benevolently giving us sound advice and direction in troubled times, making us feel very loved &blessed.

ZenParent Says- Kids can also use this book with parental guidance and start the journey of self -realisation and gratitude from an early age.

This is one contagious book to have around that fills the day with a lot of peace, enthusiasm and urges us to never get bogged down and carry on cheerfully. An excellent read!!

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