Should you watch ‘Papanasam’ with your kids?

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Papanasam is the latest Tamil movie by veteran actor Kamal Hassan. It is a remake of the super hit Malayalam movie Dhrishyam. It is directed by Jeetu Joseph who also directed Dhrishyam.

The plot is about a middle-aged father of two daughters who lives a peaceful laid back life in a village. He is an honest man. Though barely educated, due to stint of hard work, he manages to build a comfortable life for his family. Their lives are thrown into turmoil due to an unfortunate turn of events. A murder is committed. How the unassuming, uneducated hero goes about defending his family from the police through an elaborate fabrication is the crux of the story.

This movie is one of the best movies of Kamal Hassan in a very long time. This award winning script has proved its mettle in yet another language keeping the viewer on the edge of the seat at many times. Kamal delivers a stellar performance and the audience is riveted as the plot unfolds. Gautami supports him as his wife. Asha Sarath as the female IPS officer also delivers a powerful performance.

If you are tired of the sleaze that has unfortunately become the norm for mainstream commercial Indian cinema, this movie is a breath of fresh air. No item numbers. No scantily clad women gyrating to lyrics that make you want to cringe. A powerful story wonderfully told in a sensible manner. However the plot in itself is a little grim making it unsuitable for young children. There are a couple of scenes of police violence, limbs breaking, scenes of a body being buried and some very light romance between husband and wife.

Overall if you have older children, Papanasam is a great watch with your entire family.