Serafina and the Black Cloak

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Serafina and the Black Cloak is a mystery thriller written by Robert Beatty. In his previous life, interestingly Beatty was an IT Entrepreneur who won the ‘Entrepreneur of the year ‘ Award in 2007  and also the chairman of the ‘Narrative’ magazine. Now he is a full time writer and this is his debut novel.


Serafina is a motherless, 12 year old who lives secretly in the basement  of the Biltmore estate mansion with her father. She is forbidden from going into the dark forest or even to be seen upstairs. But suddenly, some children in the mansion start disappearing and only Serafina accidentally bumps into the kidnapper in the black cloak. How she sets about discovering the kidnapper and rescues the children, and in the process discovers her magic powers is what the story is all about. The book is very descriptive and paints a wonderful picture of the estate, the dark forests around it arousing enough intrigue and mystery for the reader. The author has taken the pains to craft every character. Serafina herself  is an endearing character  with a combination of  courage, honesty and cuteness ! The book has been on the New York Best seller ‘list.

ZenParent Says: This book is recommended for Ages 8 – 12. The book is neither too scary not too babyish making it the perfect read for this age category.

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