Safety 1st – Soft Dream Travel Bed

Product : Safety 1st Soft Dream

Type       : Travel bed for babies

Price      :  http://www.hopscotch.in/product/185269/SAF?boutiqueId=19908&productPosition=35&addFromTab=WN_YMAL


Review: I have used Soft dream travel bed, from Safety 1st, for my baby, more like a play pen. It is compact, portable and light weight. It has a quick umbrella folding action that allows easy storage while not in use. It is quite airy as two sides are covered with net fabric. This allows you to keep a watch over your baby inside. During emergencies, when you have to pick an important call or attend to the pressure cooker whistles in the kitchen, and there is nobody to hand over your baby, you could safely place your little one in this play pen with some safe toys. You need not worry about your baby crossing those safety boundaries otherwise and reach out to dangerous things.

It is suitable for babies once they learn how to sit properly. The bottom part is composed of wood fibre. Hence it is stable, but not very soft. Though the product claims to be a travel bed, I do not recommend it for sleeping purpose, unless fitted with an additional mattress. Otherwise, laying the baby down and taking her itself would be difficult due to the depth of the cot.  It is very good as far as safety is concerned. And comes

 Recommendation: I highly recommend this product for kids between  6-24 months age.