Ring Around The World – First Atlas for Children

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ring around the world atlas for kids- Book Reviews by ZenParent

Yet another outstanding work from Wilco Publications, this book is an Atlas for beginners, designed to introduce the concept of the world and its various living and non-living inhabitants too. The book gives an essential introduction of the various concepts of geography including continents, oceans, counties, seas, rivers, mountains and more.

The book is very appealing for children with the thoughtfully-included large colourful images, maps and bright illustrations. Pointers and interesting trivia incorporated into illustrations, makes it easy to grasp for beginners. The simple language and step-by-step approach in explaining the concepts makes it fun to read and quick to remember.

The theory of maps, why they are reduced to scale, how to read maps, physical maps, country and population maps are all very well explained, detailing everything from the scratch.

Topics like “…Did You Know That…”, “…Fun Fact…” and “Geo…Quiz” are very inviting, as children love to quickly pick up on anything that makes them curious. Don’t be surprised if your child puts you through a geography quiz with simple yet involved questions related to the world! 🙂 With this book around, I would say I am now taking my baby steps into the subject, given the fact that I have to sit for a ‘Geography Quiz’ conducted by my kid every now and then.

With an introduction like this for an involved subject like geography, children are sure to develop fondness for the subject.

So, go ahead and pick up your copy of the book now!