Product Review: Oriflame Baby Moisturising Cream


It’s really hard to get a good product to use for babies that keeps their skin moisturised but isn’t too full of unnatural products. I’ve been through jars and jars of Vaseline, tried Chico, Seba Med and even Himalaya and Johnson &Johnson’s. I’ve never found anything that comes close to the satisfaction of oiling your kids with coconut oil and washing them off with ;. But that’s not doable every day. In dry conditions such as Bangalore has, it’s absolutely essential to have a body cream or lotion that keeps your baby’s skin moisturised. Oriflame’s moisturising cream for babies is a fairly good product, where this is concerned. The water content is fairly high in the make-up of this product up it also has healing glycerine and citrus properties that help heal and repair the skin. The mild smell is a bonus but not if you have a kid who is easily allergic. Some creams have a really sharp smell, this with the extract of cotton seed and other natural ingredients is fairly safe. And it’s really nice to snuggle into the baby once you put this on.

What I didn’t like is that the moisture level doesn’t stay as long as I’d expect it to. Reapplication is necessary in about five to six hours. It is also priced at Rs 349, which is a little more than normal pricing for a 150 ml tube.

Recommendation: If you’re looking for something that’s easily available in the Indian market, I’d recommend this. But if you have someone to get you stuff from overseas, stick to that.

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