Noddy Series by Enid Blyton

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noddy book series for 3 to 6 year old children- Book Reviews by ZenParent

Enid Blyton is by far the most recognized writer in the 8 to 13 year old fiction section. You’d never really guess that the adorable character with a very unstable head was also first created by her. Noddy is a very light read- nearly 90% of the page is just illustrations, with very few sentences. This is a good tool to encourage the more shy ones to read.

Noddy also features a plethora of sidekick characters and each one of them is up to his own mischief. In one particular story, the teddy bear actually causes quite some trouble. What I adore is that none of the characters are really apologetic about their nature. If they make a mistake, they apologise, but they’re never sorry for being naughty in general. I think the characters teach children to be more accepting of the existence of bullies, the wallflowers and the jocks, if not necessarily accepting their behaviour.

ZenParent Says: Some must haves in the series are Noddy and The Aeroplane, Noddy Gets Into Trouble, Noddy Goes to School and Noddy Lends a Hand. Apart from being great stories, these books also teach life lessons in a fun manner. For example, Noddy Gets Into Trouble is a story of how he is falsely accused of mischief, and how he sets out to prove that he is innocent. Noddy lends a Hand is about he really wants to help, but things are going south when he tries to do so. It teaches kids that it’s okay to mess up sometimes and it is the thought that counts most.

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