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Classic sound of music for kids- Movie reviews by ZenParent

All of us have that one movie from our childhood which we have watched a hundred times and know the dialogues by heart! The one that has been inducted into the hall of fame in our hearts. Mine is the Sound of Music. The family movie that came out in 1965 and can still be enjoyed today, 50 years later! Apart from the fact that this movie is a true story, here are 5 reasons why you should watch this one with your kids!

1. Amazing Music: From the endearing  “Doe a deer” to the hilarious “High on a hill was a lonely goat herd”, the songs in this movie are just spectacular.

2. Clean Lyrics: Not only is the music wonderful, but the lyrics to the songs are clean and enjoyable. You would not cringe if you heard your 6 year old singing them, which is not what you can say of most other songs today.

3. No Vulgarity : It’s getting harder and harder to find movies today that have no double entendre or scenes that make you squirm in your seat. The Sound of Music is clean, wholesome entertainment for the entire family.

4. Beautiful scenery : The movie has wonderful scenes of Austria and is a treat to the eyes. It is so beautiful that they have a Sound of Music tour for tourists in Salzburg, Austria where visitors can look at the beautiful places that were shown in the movie.

5. Values: The main character Maria, is hired as a governess to 7 motherless children. How she brings out the best in each child and bonds with them is such a treat to watch!

 So pop some Masala popcorn in your microwave, break out this classic DVD and let your children (re)discover this beautiful movie this summer!Sound of Music