Monkey Kingdom

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monkey kingdom movie for kids- Movie Review by ZenParent

On Earth Day every year, DisneyNature released an educational family documentary, giving children an opportunity to understand nature and its wonders.

Monkeys have conventionally intrigued children more than any other animals, with their mischief and impishness. Walt Disney’s nature documentary, Monkey Kingdom, is a breath-taking film of a young monkey, Maya, going through the trials and tribulations of motherhood, as she tries to protect her precious baby from falling prey to forces of the jungle.

Shot in the jungles of Srilanka, the film has spectacular visuals of the magnificent flora and fauna there. Maya, a macaque monkey becomes the mother of an adorably cute Kip, and thus begin the hardships;as they are forced to leave their long-time home when invaded by powerful neighbouring monkeys. What follows is some high voltage drama, as they forage for food and get caught in fierce situations to save themselves from savage creatures of the forest. There are ample hilarious and goofy fillers in between the high drama to balance the tension.

Like all other DisneyNature movies, Monkey Kingdom also has some awe inspiring footages, leaving us wondering how they manage such impeccable shots. The move is an animal treat. For nature lovers who are fond of Animal Planet, the wildlife covered in the film is more than what you can wish for.

The movie is made for children, though some scenes can be a little scary for children and requires parental guidance. All in all, ZenParent recommends Monkey Kingdom as a family entertainer with high educational value interspersed with delightful visuals, funny interludes and ample mischief to keep your little ones hooked to the screen for a good 82 minutes!

Those of you who missed watching this movie in theatres, take heart, the DVD is set to release in August, 2015.

Image Source: via Disney Nature