Minions – Movie Review

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minions- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

A movie from the makers of ‘Despicable Me’, some even call it the prequel of the Despicable Me franchise, this is the story of single celled yellow creatures called Minions, who live to serve a succession of vain masters. After having served masters like T-Rex and Napoleon, the minions suddenly find themselves without a master and feel really lost, which is when, one of the minions, Kevin comes up with a plan to search for a new evil master. He is accompanied by the teen rebel Start and bubbly Bob in his search which soon leads them to Scarlett Overkill, the most evil villainess the Minion clan has known!

Young children might find the story somewhat hard to follow with the Minions using a made-up language, and it can get somewhat upsetting at times for them with scenes of the Minions getting into deep depression and searching for an evil master, which is where you might need to step in to give some perspective. At some places,  there are words like idiot and “screwed up” used. There are some scenes of light violence and scenes of physical distaste, with nakedness, slapping the rear, stripping and some Minions disguising as women. These have palpably been included for creating humour and can be taken in the right spirit.

Overall it is not a bad one time watch. The movie has its funny bits and twists and turns to make you laugh and also surprise you.