Marvin Marvin

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marvin marvin for kids- TV Show Reviews by ZenParent

The show is a comic interpretation of an alien coming to Earth and taking a human form. The alien here happens to be Marvin, who is sent to Earth by his parents and entrusted to Liz and Bob to protect him from other alien invaders from his native planet, Klooton. Marvin enjoys every bit of family life with Mom Liz and Dad Bob, brother Henry, Sister Teri and their grandfather, who everyone lovingly calls Pop-Pop. But they have to be extremely careful to protect Marvin’s identity to ensure his safety.

Marvin tries his best to blend with humans and wants to live like one; attending school and attempting to live every bit like any teenager. He also tries going on a date and befriending a gang of cool kids at school; only to realise that this is really not his cup of tea.

The show, however, also includes scenes that may surprise the kids a bit, where Marvin talks about his hearing organs being present in his butt; puking cereal into the bowl and emitting foul gas from his ‘smelly button’. All this can be quite a put off to some. However, if explained and taken lightly, there’s nothing too abrupt about the show.

The show is made for teens and the story centers around American Teen/ Tween matters. There are just a few scenes of dating which shows a restaurant or a movie outing and does not include any unpleasant content inappropriate for teenagers to watch.

What ZenParent Says: The series puts effort to convey a message to teens that comparison with peers is futile and one should always take pride in oneself, as everyone is special and unique.