Kung Fu Panda

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kung fu panda- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

Imagine a soft fuzzy adorable panda, making noodle soup and then moving on to high level Kung Fu!  This is what the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda dishes out along with a very valuable lesson.

Po, the main character in the movie (played by the versatile Jack Black) is a panda whose father is strangely a stork, and who runs an eatery that serves the best noodle soup in Peace Valley. The fat Po who funnily tends to bump into everything owing to his size, appears to help his dad in making noodle soup and wonders about a special secret ingredient his father uses.He also silently dreams of mastering kung Fu.Fate takes a sudden turn and Po finds himself in the company of some of the greatest names in that field of martial arts. Namely Master Shifu(played by Dustin Hoffman) and his students ‘The Furious Five’ played by some of the well-known actors in Hollywood. Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie and Lucy Liu to name a few. But all hell breaks loose in Po’s world when he realises that he has been chosen to fight one of the biggest enemies of Peace valley, Tai Lung (played very convincingly by Ian McShane) and from here begins his journey towards self-belief and self-realisation.

What sets this animated movie apart from most of its counterparts is that it not only intricately portrays the subtle emotions of its main characters but throws in adrenaline rushing action just at the right time to balance the viewing. It ends on a very positive note of the good triumphing over evil .The good also signifying the realisation of one’s true potential over self –doubt.

ZenParent recommends this movie as a must weekend ‘watch together’ for the whole family.

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