Kipper’s Christmas Eve

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kipper's christmas eve for 3 year old books- Book Reviews by ZenParent

My sister and I are ten years apart in age. When I was a teenager, she was watching Noddy, Oswald and Kipper on Pogo TV. Looking back, I am thankful that I got an opportunity to watch such landmark kids’ shows. Recently, I got an opportunity to buy books from the Kipper series for my daughter. Needless to say, I love that dog immensely even today.

On the cover page of ‘Kipper’s Christmas Eve’, the author Mick Inkpen writes, “What any author wants is for his books to become dog-eared. Of all my books, perhaps it’s those about Kipper that get the doggiest ears of all, which I guess is kind of appropriate.” Warmer words have never been spoken. In this book, Kipper and his friends bring home a Christmas tree, only to find that they also have an unexpected guest.

ZenParent Says: In a seemingly simple story, the author brings out a profound question worth pondering over- is an event better, or the anticipation of it happening? More than anything, the book teaches kids about the spirit of Christmas, about accepting anything that comes along and being thankful for the friends we have.

Also worth having in the series are Kipper’s Birthday and Kipper’s Beach Ball. The books make for a great bedtime read. Don’t be surprised if your three year old now wants a mouse for Christmas!

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