Katy The Shooting Star by Kelly Holmes and Glyn Walden

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katy the shooting star book for 3 year old kids- Book Reviews by ZenParent

This book has so many things going for it that I don’t know where to start. It is based on a real life incident. One of the book’s authors coached a little girl who had a physical disability into becoming one of the very best players in history. In the fictional account of the story, we have a one eyed cat who isn’t allowed to play with other animals because they think she would be a liability.

What I really like about the narration is that it doesn’t overdo the negativity. Instead, it gently brings along the message that special people have special talents and each of us are unique in our own way. By the end of the fairly short book, all the animals have accepted the one eyed cat and even appreciate her for her special talent.

ZenParent Says: At the age of 3, most kids are just starting out in school. In any classroom, there are always the kids who shine naturally and those who need some nudging from their peers. There are kids who are left out of some activities because their peers think they are not good enough. Using this book as a reading tool can help them realize that they may have other, yet unrecognized talents. It would also teach the naturally gifted ones to be more accommodating of everyone else.

This book would really help children understand that being different is awesome, and encourage each one of them to discover their own hidden talents as opposed to falling in line with the crowd.

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