Isle of the Lost (2015) – Book Review

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isle of the lost book for kids- Book Reviews by ZenParent

The Isle of the Lost : The Descendants,  has been on the New York Best Seller List for middle grader reading list for 14 weeks now. It is the first of the series, and it is also a prequel to the Disney Channel original movie of the same name that was aired in July 2015. The author, Melissa De la cruz is an American  young adult fiction author.


All the evil villains  (as portrayed in Disney movies) are banished from the Kingdom of Auradon and are all imprisoned in the Isle of the Lost which is protected by a force field which makes it impossible for the villains to escape from it. They do not have their magical powers anymore. Their 16 year old children set off on a mission to find the “Dragon’s eye” which is said to have evil powers – however, the eye is cursed and whoever succeeds in getting it back will be cursed  to sleep for a thousand years. How the bunch of four “descendants” of the villains go on this quest is the plot of the story.

ZenParent Says: Kids will love this because many of the Disney characters that they are so familiar with are all in one story. This book is recommended for Ages 10 and up.  It is the latest in the fantasy series that has been the rage in the US. A great adventure story for Disney lovers, if your child is a Disney fan, this book is a sure shot winner.

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